Steven Lydford

First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand®

Registered Practitioner and Tutor

How do Flower Essences Work?

Flower essences are made using plant material, water and sunlight. The resulting mother or stock flower essence contains the plant vibrations or plant energy. So that when a person ingests or places the drops of the flower essence under their tongue the holistic healing vibration is transferred into their body by a process called resonance transfer. 

As vibration or energy moves faster through water this is a very efficient, effective and dynamic and natural way of working with nature. This process works to rebalance the holistic person, their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels by working through the electrical system above and inside the body. 

In Class Workshops


Steven is a First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® qualified teacher, practitioner and Diploma holder. He has been teaching the workshops since 2017. First Light® Flower essence workshops are taught in Auckland and Hamilton. There are 10 study units which are covered over 5 weekends throughout a calendar a year. They consist of First Light® Flowers, Ferns, Trees, Seeds and Plants workshops. They are taught in this order in both Auckland and Hamilton, but they do not have to be taken sequentially. Each workshop is fully certificated and is a stand alone workshop, for example a student may begin with a First Light Trees workshop.

Each weekend comprises two study units. For example First Light® Flowers – Flowers of Transformation workshops NZNFE 101 & 102 are taught on a Saturday and Sunday respectively. Each study unit is a stand alone workshop so students can choose to attend on the Sunday or second day only, however it is recommended that both study units are taken consecutively.



What students have to say

It has been an amazing experience in an in class workshop, thanks Steven.
I loved experiencing the way the essences jump out when putting together blends, it's quite remarkable.
I enjoyed interacting with the other students. I learnt so much and we had incredible discussions. .
Te Awamutu
Class photo, Auckland Plants Workshop
Class photo, Hamilton Plants Workshop